Editable chart of accounts

Editable chart of accounts
SW A2 SQL brings wider options for monitoring the efficiency of establishments. The warehouse and sales part are 
more interconnected, the options for preparing reports for Menu board and printing are more comfortable. They may
also include graphic data processing. Some new functions of the warehouse and production part (GM2), a more modern and clearer appearance of this part
of the software will also increase the efficiency of the operator. One of these functions is the possibility of
using electronic delivery notes when communicating with suppliers. These delivery notes are used for the automatic
generation of receipts for goods received into the warehouse. This will reduce the demands on operating the system
and the possibility of incorrect entry of receipts. Other effective service functions are editable accounting outlines, thanks to which it is possible to set extremely
wide options for dining conditions for different groups of diners and change them if necessary. The delivery of our
systems also includes their basic settings. Any subsequent changes in prices, subsidies and the like can then be
easily adjusted by modifying the original settings, the so-called "samples". A report generator is available for
editing and creating different reports.